Sanarara R


Weekly patch releases are on hiatus due to a technical problem: the tools that are available on the Internet are outdated and cause Sanarara to crash at various points in the game. Unless a hacker is able to make a new tool for the MajiroArc V3.000 engine that Sanarara R runs on, I’m unable to make any more patches.

Translation will still continue.

Patch: (just unzip to Sanarara R directory)
Translation Progress: 15/103 parts

About Sanarara R:
“Sanarara R is a heartwarming nakige released in 2012 by NekoNeko Soft. It consists of seven short stories, each focusing on different characters.
Kataoka Tomo, the author of Narcissu, is the overall planner as well as writer for two of the stories. One of the stories is also written by the author of Yumiko Sakaki route in Grisaia no Kajitsu. Fans of Puella Magi Madoka Magica may recognize the character design, which was done by Ume Aoki who is also the manga artist for Hidamari Sketch.”

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  2. what is the problem you countered with majiro? is it about repacking? afaik even majiro v3 can read majiro v1? i tested reminiscence which use majiro v3, and repack with majiro v1, and it works…

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