AIR Staff

Project Leader:  Aozaki(QuizMasterDelux)
Translators: cowteats, Aozaki
Editor: Aistad, Otakael
QCer: Aistad
Image Editors: dastardlylemon, Sazuko, Aozaki
Programmers/Hacker: scorchio, Messer, d_fallen_god

Special thanks to the groups that came before us, from which we inherited 50% of the scripts.
ChaosReign (2004) – Common Route + Misuzu route
Takeda Honyakubu (2004-2006) – Kano Route
Those who worked on the scripts in TLWiki – ???
EnterTheWired (2008-2010) – Summer Arc

Sanarara R Staff

Translator: cowteats
Programmer: cowteats (someone please take over this job for me)


2 responses to “Staff

  1. Hello personal Gao Gao, how are you?
    My name is Ariel Menezes, I’m liking the AIR translation.
    I wonder if you could help me.
    I’m from Brazil, and in Brazil there is no group translating AIR game.
    Would you help me to do this project.
    Of course, I will translate. I can get two more people to translate. No Problem!
    Would you like to help me how to edit script, QCER and edit images from the game to do the translation.
    With your help we can make the Brazilian experience with the game and play.
    Thank U.

  2. Hello! I am wondering if you are looking for an editor for any of your current projects?

    Unfortunately I can’t read an ounce of Japanese, but I’m a native English speaker and am very good with grammar and punctuation, as well as making sure all of your sentences sound correct.

    Best of all, I am FAST. I work overnights where there are long hours with nothing to do, and this leaves me a lot of time to be productive elsewhere.

    Please let me know if you are interested!

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