2015/04/29 Update: Final patch released. A big great thanks to scorchio for making the final patch and putting an end to Misuzu’s curse on this project. And also a big thank you to the many faceless people, named and unnamed, which made this possible.

Patch Download: AIR Final Patch

Game ISO download: Unofficial Air Standard Edition + Voice 1.02 (thanks to Fuwanovel. Patch inside is reported to be borked. Please use the one above this link).

Air Walkthrough

This won’t be useful to most people but here’s the raw scripts: raw scripts


242 responses to “AIR

    • The new port will add a visual novel adaptation of the spinoff novel “Hatsuzora no Shō” (New Year’s Sky Chapter). The story focuses on Kanna and Uraha, and how they first met

  1. So I’m running into the save issue a couple people have mentioned. I’ve tried LocaleEmulator, Japanese locale set in windows, running as admin and not and I still can’t load my save files. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

  2. I’m also having this save issue. Once I quit the game and relaunch, all the save slots are empty. My saves are still in the folder though.

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