The Truth About The Air Project~

Hello everyone! Over the course of the last two days since I made the announcement that we will be releasing an English patch…Here:
There has been a lot of commotion in the VN community about our project and Sheeta’s project. I really feel that I should clarify on a few things about our two groups.

First off, when I set out to start working on this project it was for my own personal reasons. In no way, shape or form did I intend for this to be turned into a competition between two translator groups. The Air project was a personal project for me as I loved the series and the anime and over the course of the last 13 years I have watched many TL groups pick it up only to drop it again. Many of us in the VN scene refer to AIR being a cursed project cause of this. Why has it taken us 13 years to translate one of the greatest VN’s ever written? While I realize this is my own personal opinion I’m sure many others feel the same way.

So, in November of 2012 I set out to handle the project myself which, at the time, I didn’t  know of Sheeta’s project. My mind was set and my body was ready for the challenge. A couple days later I found out about Sheeta’s project through Fuwanovel’s forum:
By then thought it was too late. My mind was already set.

With the help of CecilTheDarkKnight who pointed me in the right direction and D_Fallen_God who provided me with the existing EnterTheWired scripts, I started this task TLing an average of 200-400 lines a day. Again I thought of this only as a personal project and at the time I really didn’t intend for it to become a full TL project.

7k lines later cowteats would join my efforts in late December. He approached me claiming to be one of the previous translators who worked on Air and after getting to know him a bit I realized he thought the same as me. We both wanted to work on this project simply for the love of Air. It was at this time this project took a more serious turn.

Once we made the decision we were going seriously do a full translation of Air we started to explore our options. Our no.1 choice was to go to Sheeta and ask to team up. Now I would like to point out I have absolutely nothing against Sheeta and Ixrec (Think that’s his name…). My encounters with them have always been kinda negative. When I asked Sheeta if she would like to team up she quickly refused and told me that she was working on this project and asked me to stop… While I was happy that someone was working on this project I myself and cowteats both felt like we should continue. We have both watched a lot of groups start, stall, and drop this project so we both felt like we should keep going.

Things would only go down hill from here. Ixrec, though I don’t know him personally and I have nothing against him. Discovered our project and let’s just say things were ugly for a while. I’m sure everyone has heard by now all the slander he has been putting against us and while I would like to respond to him with a “You mad Bro?” I actually want to encourage him and Sheeta to keep going. I’m 100% confident anything they do will be beautiful.

Because of all the slander going on at the time me, cowteats, and dfg all felt like our project should be done from the shadows. Hence why at the end of this forum thread I quickly ended it:

For the next 5-6 months me and cowteats would continue to work on this project from the shadows never giving an update except to those close to the project such as Aaeru and CecilTheDarkKnight. As of early June 2013 we had a 100% Translated script of Air. Though at the time none of us felt like It was ready for release. Some of the old scripts were just too bad…So our attention was turned to redoing the old scripts.

Lately there has been a lot of rumors going around saying that were using Machine translated scripts and that we shouldn’t release a game with 40% MT’s and such…I’ve been saying this and I’ll say it 100 more times if I have to. There are no machine translations in our scripts. Even in the old existing ones.  d_fallen_god, the supplier of our scripts, made a statement earlier trying to clear up some of the confusion:

We are aware that there is a lot more work to be done and we will continue to work on this project. People have to keep in mind. What we are releasing is a 100% translated, readable, beta patch. This has nothing to do with trying to beat Sheeta. This has nothing to do with Ixrec or Amaterasu or the VNsociety for that matter. This project is a personal project for us cause we love the series and we want there to at least be a translated version out there.

Yesterday I seen that this was posted:

While I don’t particularly like what she has been saying about us. I don’t agree with this article either. True there may have been some overreactions but c’mon guys don’t put her on the spot. She has done nothing wrong and I saw this article this morning:

After I read this I can say that I and she are both working on this project for the exact same reason. To this day I still support her and wish her the best. If what she turns out is better then ours… GG girl. You deserve it. Were not just some random people from the internet trying to make a name for ourselves. We took this project seriously and put our hearts into it and will continue to do so. This will probably be the one and only project Gao Gao does together. I just pray that people will enjoy it like we do.

To this day I’m still kinda upset that we could never come to some kind of compromise. Considering Sheeta has done the 1st half of the game and our group has the second half done. Would be nice to combine our efforts so no one’s work will go to waste. I guess that’s asking for too much.

For those of you wondering about the quality of what were doing I will be streaming a test run of the Air arc Friday night details  are below:

~AIR~Test Play of Air Arc (Stream Will Begin Friday Night US EST) 
Here’s your chance to check the quality of our work.

I hope that maybe this may have cleared up a few things. Details about our patch will be coming soon as well as the patch itself. Please be patient!


5 responses to “The Truth About The Air Project~

  1. Haven’t really heard any of the slandering or “drama” going on, but I applaud you for sticking with your beliefs and taking a mature approach to the competition rather than falling to their level.

    Personally, I won’t be reading anything that isn’t finalized, as I believe AIR should be read with the best quality available. But thank you very much for the release, there are a lot of people less patient than I am and I thank you on their behalf.

    Keep going strong!

    • Unlike past efforts, our efforts were planned around the possibility of us losing important members to real life and having to give up the project, resulting in no “finalized” work. As it is, most of our staff are holding full time jobs or juggling work and studies. In light of such reality, “perfection or nothing” is an impractical goal.

  2. I just came across your project and believe me I screamed the moment I read a full patch was released.(Yeah, I’m late but I stopped checking VN’s because I lost hope that good ones like AIR would ever be translated for us mortals to enjoy). Anyway I must give you my thanks for this awesome work.

    And on side note if you ask me about sheeta’s translation I would say what you did was correct thing and if nothing else unless for you I doubt sheeta would ever have picked this much speed.(I doubt it would have taken another 5-10 years) So, be proud.

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